Not me, actually, just the hobby page...

Yes, it looks like it's come time to hang up the towel on the hobby page for a bit. Firstly, I begin this hiatus because the old page was driving me up the wall (damn Flash music library is god awful). Secondly, because it seems it also stirred a bit of controversy. Go moi!

Meantime, I have here some placeholders and links for stuff that was on the page, or will be on the page, and some general links for those with similarly dissimilar interests. Enjoy and commiserate!

Commiserative links

Big Eyes, Little Mouths
The Lain Shrine that almost was

Support Saikou Fansubbers - their children are starving! Indeed, their eyes are bigger than their stomachs! (Beware, they may infect you with “Feh”)

The wrath of the Goddess of the Green Fields seems to have subsided, and thus, as promised, I once again give you her fanfic (hopefully she'll bless us with more soon):
Passing - A short bit of passing romance
Sunrise - Background story on Kaoru and Okita

The music you may or may not be hearing is Haibane Renmei’s “Free Bird” (or “Ibis’ Freedom” as I translate “Jiyuu no tori”). You may download the highquality version here:

Dark Hearts, Broken Souls
Last of Ye Old Skool Gothique Forums

Gothic: The Next Generation

Also catch the Non-Adventures of Goth-Monkey

And Gloom Cookie

And play the latest White Wolf, Goth: The Corruption.

of friends lost and found, and sometimes found and lost...

Last vestige of an dear relation's true soul
Fear ye old Bostonian Goths
Find an Annaliesa
Wong Adwess
Bloody Roses
The Webpage of Sorrow
Need a Casket? (Home also of the Oh so Gothique Nadio and Archpope Däch)

Queen of the Cacophony
Siouxsie's Unofficial Home

Siouxsie's Creature's Home

Many Images of the Goddess-Queen

Consorts to the queen...

Sisters of Mercy
Loreena McKennitt
The Cure

The Bard
Complete (but unsearchable) reference


Hark, near’er anoth seeker come’th

My local troupe

Other Dear Dead Gods
Anubis Orthodox Thoth Worshippers

Pagan Software

Hymm to Demeter

My Favorite Pissy Kitty Goddess

SubGenius Bob Dobbs

My ever-so-distant hearty blonde friends


Religious Texts
Bhagavad Gita *updated*
Bahai Texts
Buddhist Texts
Christian Fathers
Confucian Texts
Corpus Hermeticum
Dead Sea Scrolls
Divrei Torah
The Book of Enoch *new*
Enuma Elish
Ethiopian Texts (see also Enoch)
The Egyptian Book of the Dead
Gnostic Texts
Hindu Texts
Islamic Texts
Jain Texts
1st and 2nd Books of Jeu
Mormon Texts
Nag Hammadi Texts
Old Testament Apocrypha
Old Testament Pseudepigrapha
Pistis Sophia
New Testament Apocryphal Acts
New Testament Apocryphal Apocalypse
New Testament Apocryphal Gospels
Taoist Texts
Sepher Yetzirah
Shinto Texts
Sikh Texts
Tibetan Book of the Dead
Urantia Book
Zen Texts
Zoroastrian Texts

Other Texts
Origin of the Vampire
The Kama Sutra of Vatsayayana
Get your Tarot On
Egyptian Love Poetry

Indicates link went down and dead link removed. I am trying to get all of these texts onto my own site to ensure this will not happen in the future. I will link my own site’s archives when I can find no others. (last update: 06/09/05)

Images of Past Lives
Dorothy Parker

More genuinely and less commercialized

Resumé Inventory Frustration Theory Lady Poets Well Worn Story

For those who like to stalk the dead

Puntam Investments has been censoring people putting Dorothy Parker poetry on the web in the name of a quick buck. Please write them an angry letter.

Proof that I was cut off in my prime (art links pending)

Gallery of Fiends (link pending)

Various elements of my various past lives set to midi music.

My time in Egypt ;)

Political Entertainment

Manic Depressive Emoticons

Project Chen and I worked on

For we are far too colorful for the internet.
Dead Link?
E-mail me about it